Blog Log #9

* As selected from a pre-provided list of 7, which was pre-derived from a list of 10 lists, each consisting of seven blogs. The headline is not in any way an objective statement as to the quality of the blog as demonstrated by its receipt of any blog award or anything of the like, other than the author’s subjective preference as among the 7 pre-selected blogs mentioned herein.

PsyBlog Home

OK, if this worked, you’re still reading. The best of seven – here comes an indefensibly unpatriotic move – is a limey blog:

The main contributor is one Jeremy Dean    Jeremy Dean

Don’t let the boyish looks fool you, the man is all talent.  Besides, the relative youthfulness may be the reason why the topics of the posts are so appealing to me (who’s the decider re which of these 7 blogs is the best).  I have a feeling most youngins interested in psychology would find this stuff pretty fascinating.  Here’s a quick digest of the more recent stuff:

How hustlers trick 3.2 million people each year in the UK into handing over £3.5 billion – great post on common swindlers and how they already figured out all the cool psychological tricks, way before the researchers got around to it.

Cheating: Does Deindividuation Encourage It? – Anonymity=more probable unethical behavior.  This totally explains 90% of ATL comments.

How Other People’s Unspoken Expectations Control Us –  this is great – not only this about, basically, subliminal mind control, but it draws on the always interesting element of attraction/lack thereof.


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