Blog Log #8

1. Mind Hacks

This blog summarizes contemporary developments in neuroscience and psychological research. It provides interesting descriptions of how these developments alter our understanding of how our mind processes the world and how they affect our lives. Through these descriptions, it also seems to offer advice on how we should approach our lives given the new understandings of our brains.

One of the most interesting post was a recent one regarding the future of cognitive enhancement drugs. While the blogger acknowledges that these drugs may have a role in the future in shaping our lives, he notes that there may be serious limitations to these drugs such as there effects being temporary and the possibility we will need higher doses of them for the desired effect to occur after our bodies become used to smaller doses. Currently, caffeine is still the closest thing to an effective cognitive enhancer on the market. Thus, the blogger concludes that now–and possibly for a long time in the future–just using our brain effectively is the ultimate cognitive enhancer, given the brain’s ability to adapt and learn new tasks when we put it to use.

Photo via Emdot's Flikr Photostream

I enjoyed the blog because of informative posts such as this one, because it provided links to a wide array of interesting stories regarding developments in neuroscience and psychology, and because there were numerous entertaining posts about subjects ranging from whether a person can truly be frightened to death to the fate of the psychiatric profile of Adolf Hitler.

2. Mind Matters

A blog about moving beyond our notion of humans as rational actors and coming to terms with the true reasons people live the ways they do. Primarily, this blog seeks to articulate what coming to terms with this new understanding signifies for the institutions that we deal with in our everyday lives.

3. Mixing Memory

This is a blog run by a cognitive scientist who is seeking to reconcile emotion and cognition. It is very conversational in nature and the topics has written about are fairly diverse. It has not been updated recently (last post was on July 26, 2008),.

4. Neuroanthropology

A blog that seeks to combine knowledge from the disciplines of neuroscience and anthropology into a coherent and useful mix. It also attempts to integrate insights from other disciplines. The authors of the blog strive to create one that is not only informative, but also humorous and entertaining.

5. Neuroethics and Law Blog

This blog appears to be more scholarly, focusing primarily on how the law, ethics, and cotemporary developments in mind science relate. Although the blog is primarily maintained by one lawyer, there seem to be a substantial number of guest bloggers who provide interesting and quality perspectives on these issues.

6. Neuromarketing

A blog dedicated to analyzing how marketing efforts affect consumer’s cognition and the effectiveness of marketing efforts in accomplishing their aims. The blogs provides a business and marketing perspective on neuroscience, and the issues of mind science it discusses are chiefly a means of discussing business and marketing.


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