Blog Log #7

1. Psychology and Crime News

This UK-based blog keeps track of psychological developments in a forensic context and of practical forensic developments that have psychological relevance.  Aimed primarily at an academic audience, it features posts discussing recent psychological developments; current affairs with forensic relevance; criminal justice matters in the UK; and recently-published journal articles with forensic relevance.

2. Psychablog

This is a personal blog run by Dr. Robin S. Rosenberg, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based clinical psychologist.  A recurring theme on the blog is the application of psychological concepts and analysis to films, television, and other forms of popular culture.  A recent post, linked below, analyzed the recent Batman film The Dark Knight from a psychological perspective, applying different psychological categories and disorders to the various characters.

The Dark Knight — A Psychologist’s View

3. Psychology Today

The Psychology Today Blogs site is a compilation of over 100 psychology-related blogs.  The site splits the blogs (which are mostly maintained by psychologists and psychiatrists) into areas of interest, such as addiction, cognition, media, neuroscience, etc.

4. The Race Equity Project

The Race Equity Project’s blog is run by Legal Services of Northern California.  The blog, along with the Project generally, seeks to address issues of race discrimination in a variety of ways: developing educational materials for race-based advocacy; proactively addressing issues of race; and connecting communities and race-based advocates.

5. Radiolab

The Radiolab blog is a companion to the Radiolab radio show, which is produced by WNYC (NYC’s public radio station).  The blog and the show address big issues and their smaller implications.  Recent topics on the show have included mortality, laughter, stress, and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity’s implications on the concept of choice.  A recent post following the show on parasites featured the following parasite videos (warning, they’re gross):

6. Science of Small Talk

Science of Small Talk is a blog run by Sam Sommers, a social psychologist at Tufts.  Hosted by Psychology Today, the blog examines issues and current events through the lens of social psychology, discussing the intricacies of our interactions as social beings.

7. Sex Crimes

Run by Cory Rayburn Yung, an Assistant Professor at John Marshall Law School, the Sex Crimes blog is devoted to studying the law surrounding criminal laws regulating and punishing sexual violence.  The posts cover recent developments in legislatures and courts, and range from the descriptive to the analytical.


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