Blog Log #6

1) Social Psychology Daily

A Blogger site only available to invited readers :-(

2) Simoleon Sense

Founded by Miguel Barbosa with an aim to highlight “the benefits of understanding multiple disciplines and applying worldly principles to everyday decisions,” with an economics/investment slant. Each post provides an introduction, excerpt(s), and/or findings from a longer article pulled from a number of other websites. The blog explores how our psychology becomes manifest in the decisions we make – from political affiliations and IQ to everyday choices. Replete with videos and links to other websites, such as Miller-McCune and VOX. Here’s a map of where millionaires are located in the United States, contrasted to their respective states’ median incomes.Millionaires' Map

3) Social Psychology Network

The site is “devoted to psychological research and teaching” and includes more than 17,000 links related to psychology. Among them, you will find lots of information about psychology doctoral programs, a randomization website, and a site about the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment (a fascinating study that has never been attempted again—as far as I know).

4) Sociological Images

My favorite of the bunch, on this site you’ll find an exploration of visually intriguing and thought-provoking topics, such as the media’s rendering of gender roles, skewed ideas of beauty, third world exploitation, and many social justice issues.  In analyzing a recent ad campaign by Diesel, the authors discuss “how things that having nothing to do with genitals are, nonetheless, gendered.” The website is frequently updated and luxuriously heavy on the graphics (as the title would suggest), bringing an American perspective to important global issues. The website is hosted by Contexts, a magazine published by the American Sociological Association.

5) The Splintered Mind

Written by Eric Schwitzgebel, a philosophy professor at the University of California at Riverside. The voice melds colloquial blogspeak with high-level academic philosophy (for example, these two sentences back to back: “Okay, so how do I know that I’m feeling envious? Partly, I look outward: I notice that I am in the type of situation that is apt to promote envy.”). Postings respond to recent comments or writing from other philosophers by zeroing in on the word-by-word minutiae of their statements and employing a systematic, rule-based process of analysis. In one interesting post, Schwitzgebel explores his “findings suggesting that ethicists behave no better than non-ethicists of similar social background.”

6) Sports Law Blog

The site brings a law perspective to a range of American sports and explores questions like “Would an All-White Professional Basketball League be Legal?” and “Is Bowl Swag Appropriate for Schools in Final BCS Standings?” Made me think of the recent move by the NFL to register a trademark on the phrase “Who Dat,” derived from the well known New Orleans chant “Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Beat Dem Saints? Who Dat? Who Dat?” Louisiana was not pleased by the move.

7) Stanley Milgram

Provides loads of information about the “life and work of one of the most outstanding social scientists of our time.”

“The social psychology of this century reveals a major lesson: often it is not so much the kind of person a man is as the kind of situation in which he finds himself that determines how he will act.” – Milgram, 1974

Little known facts about Milgram include that, despite being an influential psychologist, he never took a single psychology course as an undergraduate at Queens College. Perhaps more importantly, Peter Gabriel was an avid admirer of Milgram and included the song “We do what we’re told-Milgram’s 37” on his 1986 album “So.” The website includes more well known facts as well.


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