Sample of Situationist Posts

Below you’ll find a sample of blog posts from The Situationist.  Take a look at a few of them for a sense of some of the ways legal scholars and social psychologists have been blogging.

* * *

Reporting Social Facts vs. Pining for Jim Crow: No Comparison Between Reid and Lott (by Eric Knowles)

A Convenient Fiction (by Peter Ditto)

Think you’ve got magical powers? (by Emily Pronin)

Situational Sources of Evil – Part I, Part II, & Part III (by Phil Zimbardo)

Why Do Lawyers Acquiesce In Their Clients’ Misconduct? – Part I & Part II (by Sung Hui Kim)

From Heavens to Hells to Heroes – Part I & Part II (by Phil Zimbardo)

The Moral Obligation to be Intelligent – Part I & Part II (by Mahzarin Banaji)

Too Many To Care (by Paul Slovic)

Hoyas, Hos, & Gangstas (by Jon Hanson & Michael McCann)

Busker or Virtuoso? Depends on the Situation (by Jon Hanson & Michael McCann)

Some (Interior) Situational Sources War – Part I, Part II, and Part III

Negative Press: Is ESPN Killing the National Hockey League by Influencing Public Attitudes? (by Jason Chung)

David Vitter, Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards, Jon Ensign, and Now Mark Sanford: The Disposition Is Weaker than the Situation (by Jon Hanson & Michael McCann)

Person X Situation X System Dynamics (by Phil Zimbardo)

Rent this Space (by Adam Benforado)

“Situation” Trumps “Disposition” – Part I & Part II (by Jon Hanson & Michael McCann)

Ideology is Back! (by John Jost)

Can’t Get No Satisfaction!: The Law Student’s Job Hunt – Part I, Part II, & Part III (by Jon Hanson & Goutam Jois)

Nuclear Power Makes Individualists See Green (by Dan Kahan)

Why We Punish (by John Darley & Pam Mueller)

I’m Objective, You’re Biased (by Emily Pronin)

Hey Dove! Talk to YOUR parent! (by Jon Hanson)

Judging One by the Actions of Another (by Brian Nosek & Kate Ranganath)

Another Century of Genocide? (by Paul Slovic)

The (Unconscious) Situation of our Consciousness – Part I, Part II, Part III, & Part IV

Thanksgiving as “System Justification”? (by Jon Hanson)

Why Race May Influence Us Even When We “Know” It Doesn’t (by Jon Hanson)

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